ACICIS Social Media Ambassador Application

Show the world why you chose to study on a in Indonesia with ACICIS by sharing your photos, stories and more on your favourite social media platforms. Becoming a Social Media Ambassador is a great way to build your digital and communication skills and online network, while creating awesome content and winning likes along the way!

Position Description and Eligibility:

ACICIS Social Media Ambassadors are proud representatives of their in-country experience. As an ACICIS Social Media Ambassador, you will share a variety of aspects of your experience on two or more of your preferred social media accounts – this may include photos, videos, articles, stories, and more. Which aspects you share and create content about are entirely up to you, however there are general guidelines by which Social Media Ambassadors must abide.

To be eligible for the Ambassadorship, you must:

  • be a current ACICIS student in the pre-program phase
  • have a minimum of two of the following social media accounts - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • be active on social media and post on a regular basis (post at least twice per week)

How to Apply:

Keen to get started as an ACICIS Social Media Ambassador? It’s easy to apply! Just follow the 2 steps below:

  1. Complete this application form (we will ask questions about who you are and why this Ambassadorship interests you)
  2. Post a photo/text/video about why you chose to study in Indonesia with ACICIS and upload it to one of the below approved accounts and use the hashtags #acicis #acicisambassador #travelindonesia (**IMPORTANT** ensure this post is PUBLIC so that we can see it!)
Approved application post accounts: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube
More information is contained within the handy Application Guideline attached in your email. We recommend you read it before applying! 
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