WVHN Adoption Application

You must complete this application entirely and thoroughly. Completing this application DOES NOT mean that you will automatically be approved.
For purposes of this application West Virginia Horse Network shall be referred to as WVHN.


Are you interested in joining our "Golden Day Club" for adults who are interested in fellowship with others joined by a love of horses? This program encourages the adoption of senior horses or horses that are suited for companionship only (learn more about the program by visiting our website www.horsenetworkwv.com) *
Providing Copies of ID and Photos EMAIL TO: wvhorsenetwork@gmail.com *
Can you email a copy of your Drivers License?
Can you email photos of your facility?
Please send copies of you drivers license and pictures of facility to wvhorsenetwork@gmail.com

Please answer Yes or No to the following:

Please answer the following.... *
Do you understand that if your application is denied it isn't personal, it is because our board is doing what we feel is in the horse's best interest?
Do you understand that WVHN may deny your application for a variety of reasons and that WVHN is not required to disclose those reasons to you?
Do you understand that the WVHN board is not required to provide further information about your application, what your references said, etc.?
Do you agree to allow WVHN members to visit the facility where the horse will be kept?
Do you understand that only complete applications will be processed and that incomplete applications will not be considered.
Do you agree to visit the horse at least once while the horse is still in foster care, so that we can evaluate your compatibility with the horse and determine if you have the skills needed to have a long term positive partnership?
Do you understand this visit doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be approved?
Have you thoroughly read and understood the contract?
Have you emailed photos of the facility where the horse will be kept, and photo ID? **Your application will not be processed without this information**
If you are approved would you be willing to abide by the requirements in the contract?
Do you authorize the board members of WVHN to call any and all of your references?



Thank you for thoroughly and completely filling out this application. We realize that it is lengthy but we hope that you will understand that we must make the best effort possible to protect the horses in our care. We will evaluate this application with regard ONLY to the horse’s wellbeing. It may take several weeks for us to provide a response regarding our evaluation of this application. You will receive one of the following responses: APPROVED: We will offer you the opportunity to adopt as long as you sign and notarize the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. We reserve the right to revoke, retract or reevaluate your approval if ANY of the information included in your initial application changes. This includes your employment status, the number of animals on your property and/or the plans for where the horse will be kept, what the horse’s job will be or any other factor. Approval does not 100% guarantee a finalized adoption. CONDITIONAL APPROVAL: We may offer you “conditional approval” if we believe the answers in your application that concern us – can be corrected. This may include required riding lessons or modifications to the pasture/shelter. We cannot agree to keep a specific horse for you while these matters are addressed. The horse will be adopted to the first FULLY APPROVED applicant. Conditional approval may also include a suggestion that you consider a DIFFERENT horse than the one for which you applied. While we may consider you a great applicant we may determine you aren’t the right match for a particular horse. We may suggest that you consider another horse in our network. DENIED: We may deny your application for ANY REASON. We are not required to provide you with a specific reason for denial. We will not tolerate harassment or bashing from applicants that are denied. We at WVHN are all open minded modest people. But please understand we will NOT agree to place a horse in a situation that we feel is unsafe – for the horse, the adopter or the adopter’s family. PERIOD. If your application is denied initially we welcome you to reapply after 6 months.
By submitting this form you agree the information provided herein is accurate and truthful. 
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