New York State USBC
Scholarship Program Application
for Graduating High School Seniors


Any graduating (Class of 2024) high school male/female who has been accepted as a candidate to a school of higher education (College, University, Vocational, Technical) is eligible to receive this scholarship award providing the student meets the following requirements:
1 - Is a member of a USBC Youth certified league in the State of New York, and is in good standing for the current season.
2 - Complete this application as furnished by the scholarship committee giving information as required thereon, submitted by APRIL 1st of the current year.  Application is to be filed with the chairperson of the scholarship committee.

For the 2023-24 Season, the New York State USBC Association will award up to 7 scholarships to High School Seniors.  If an existing scholarship is rejected, refused, or the grantee becomes ineligible for any reason, the scholarship committee may grant the award to another eligible applicant.
Visit the Scholarships page for details on other available scholarships for youth bowlers Grades 11 and Under.

1 - Complete this application completely.  Read and review the Final Steps and then click "Submit" to submit your application.  Incomplete applications may be disqualified.
2 - Have a teacher, guidance counselor, or coach (not family) write a letter of recommendation on your behalf, recommending you to receive this scholarship award.
3 - After completion of the online form, please be sure to download 2 Forms:
-  "School Official/Counselor's Evaluation & Data Sheet" - This form is to be printed and handed to your school official to be completed and mailed to us by the school official with your school transcript and letter of recommendation.
-  "Youth Official Evaluation Sheet" - This form is to be printed and handed to your youth program coordinator to be completed and mailed to us by the youth program coordinator with your league standing sheet.

If you should have any questions regarding the New York State USBC Scholarship Program and/or this application process, please contact: Frank Wilkinson, via e-mail: or Liz DeHart, via e-mail:



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