Safeguarding Children and Youth

Section 1: Instructions

Thank you for your willingness to help with our Children and Youth ministries.
Our children are God’s precious gifts, and so we must constantly look for ways to best protect them from those who wish to harm them.

- Review Sections 1 & 2 of this form
- Complete Sections 3 & 4, the Identification Uploads and Service Application in its entirety. 

A social security number is required to complete this form. If you do not have one, please contact the Ministry Leader.

Questions regarding our safeguarding process or this form should be directed to Wanda Hairston, Safeguarding Manager, (614) 643-4639,
Safeguarding Steps
We are assuming that you have completed the UALC Volunteer for Family, Youth and Children form and have been instructed to apply for safeguarding.
Step 1. Complete this form requesting a background check.
You will be required to upload a scanned image of your driver's license and a personal photo (head shot) for your ID badge to complete this form.
We recommend you have both images prepared on your computer before beginning this application.

Step 2. Approvals and Background Check
Once submitted, the ministry team you're working with will approve your request for safeguarding and the background check will be completed by the Safeguarding Manager. The approval and badge creation process normally takes 1-3 business days, but can take up to 10 days.
Step 3. Complete online Abuse Training  
When satisfactory results are received, you are required to complete the online Child Abuse Training with a passing score of 95 before final approval is made and your identification badge is issued to you.

Step 4. Pick up your Identification Badge  

Once the results are received and you have been approved, your Photo ID Badge will be produced. Your Safeguarding Badge will be forwarded to Ministry Leader or you can arrange to pick it up by contacting Wanda Hairston at or (614) 451-3736 ext. 7021.
The mission of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church embraces the Great Commission: “To be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ”.  In this endeavor thousands of lives are touched, including children and youth.  The following policies are designed to assure that Upper Arlington Lutheran Church is continually working toward providing an environment that protects the safety of the children and youth, employees and volunteers. Employees and volunteers should follow these policies.  Those who violate them will be held solely responsible for their actions and may be subject to dismissal from service.
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