Note:  Submitting an application to join a mission team is NOT a guarantee that the applicant will be part of the team.

UALC Missions Trip Application

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If selected to be a part of a UALC Team, I make a commitment to:
  • Go through the training process prior to departure and after I return from the trip.
  • To conduct myself in a manner worthy of the Lord while serving Him on the project.
  • Submit to the team leader’s and the host on-the-field’s authority.
  • Refrain from any behavior which may compromise my witness (i.e.: abusive language, drug use, etc.)
I authorize the Mission Team Leadership to contact my physician in the event that questions about my health/condition arise. Additionally, if at any time while on the project my behavior, health, or nondisclosed information constitutes a problem, the team leader has the authority to ask me to return home. Any additional costs incurred as a result of this action will be at my cost.