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We are excited for your willingness to serve alongside us! Please tell us about yourself. Each ADULT and FAMILY MEMBER volunteering must complete a separate form. Thanks!

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At God's Hygiene Help Center the safety of the children and families we serve is priority number one. Because of this we require that all adult volunteers complete and pass a background check.
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Volunteer Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to become a God's Hygiene Help Center (GHHC) volunteer.  In order to function above reproach we must ask you to join us in the highest character behavior.  Thank you for agreeing to, abiding by and signing our Volunteer Confidentiality agreement. 

I agree that for and during the entire term of my volunteer position at God's Hygiene Help Center that any information regarding GHHC's participants, including donors or donations, family life, home environment, personal history, mental health issues, or other challenges and obstacles will be kept completely confidential. This includes information that I observe, read in files or other written documents, or that is shared with me by a staff member or other person. This information shall not be disclosed to another person except someone under the direct authorization of GHHC and shall be considered as private and privileged.

Upon termination or the ending of volunteer position, I will continue to treat the information as private and privileged and will not release any such information to any person, firm, corporation, the media or other entity, by written or verbal statements, except upon the direct written authority of GHHC AND with the written and legal consent of the parent or legal guardian of any minor and written consent of the participant.

I understand that as a volunteer I may participate in or be otherwise involved in physical or other activities that have the potential risk of injury or a potential financial burden (“Activities”), I voluntarily assume these risks.

I agree that I will perform only those Activities that I am capable of and comfortable performing and will follow all instructions provided by GHHC. I understand that if I am not capable of or comfortable with any Activities I will inform GHHC and will not participate.

I am committed to providing assistance on a volunteer basis and do not expect any compensation or benefits in exchange for the time that I donate to God's Hygiene Help Center.  I acknowledge that I have no employment relationship with GHHC and do not expect to receive any offer of employment as a result of my volunteer activities;

I understand that GHHC may ask that I cease providing volunteer services for the organization at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

I grant GHHC the irrevocable right to use, without pay, my name, photographs in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes while I am volunteering.

I agree I will not discuss GHHC or the details of my volunteer work with any representatives of the media.

GHHC may seek any legal remedies against me which may be available if I fail to comply with this agreement.