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The Sportn’ Life Music Group Internship Program is open to qualified and dedicated individuals. If you have a passion for music and are considering a career in the music industry, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to get some hands on experience in one of the best music cities in the country...Seattle, WA!

The ideal candidate has a strong interest in learning more about the music business. Specifically, we are looking for someone who possesses a strong work ethic, who’s dedicated and is not afraid to take initiative.

This internship offers a learning opportunity in the area of artist management. Which often includes working within album releases, tour marketing and promotion, publicity, radio and web promotion, graphic and web design, live show production and merchandising.

All internships are unpaid and weekly hours are flexible. Experience with Microsoft Excel and Word or Google Docs and Sheets are a must and any website and graphic design knowledge is ideal.

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Our internships last roughly 3.5 months, please indicate the session for which you are applying:       *
*Please note the application deadlines for each semester's internship:
Spring Internship - November 15, Summer Internship - March 15, Fall Internship - July 15

Contact Info


Interns should ideally be in the office 2-3 days a week, for 6-8 hours a day. Below, list days and hours you think you will be available on a weekly basis.

School History

Is this internship for school credit? (Optional)
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Rank Experience 0-3 (0 = no experience, 3 = extensive experience)
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Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Google Drive/Docs
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere/Video Editing
Final Cut/Video Editing
HTML/Web Design
Word Press/Other CMS
Live Music Production
Play Musical Instrument
Pro Tools
Fluent in additional languages outside of English?
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if yes, please list languages

Other Information

Do you have a Facebook account?
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Do you have a Twitter account?
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Do you have a Tumblr account
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Do you have your own website?
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You are encouraged to provide a reference that we might contact in order to gain further insight regarding your capabilities and accomplishments. A reference should be someone such as a former employer, professor, or another who can speak to the value that you would bring to Sportn' Life Music Group.

Resume and Cover Letter

Please note:  You must attach a resume to this application and Cover letters are encouraged.  Any applications received without an attached resume will not be considered.
Please be sure that both your Resume and Cover letter are PDF files or a Word doc. 

Thank you for your interest in interning with Sportn' Life Music Group. 
Please send any immediate questions to 
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