Red River Valley Figure Skating Club


SUMMER SESSION June 3 - July 18, 2019--Moorhead Sports Center

Session One (9:00 AM-11:00AM) and
Session Two (11:15 AM—1:15 PM)
Session Three -- Monday & Wednesday
(1:30 PM-3:15PM)
Please indicate which week(s) you will be skating *


Summer T-Shirt Order

Youth Sizes Available (enter quantity desired)
Summer T-Shirt Order

Adult Sizes Available (enter quantity desired)


Days and times may not be traded with other skaters without the consent of RRVFSC--contact us at 218-236-5997 or


Absolutely no refunds without a doctor’s written medical release within 48 hours of injury.  Refuunds are not guaranteed and are considered on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors.

Unless you receive a telephone call telling you otherwise, you are to assume you are skating the package you are signed up for.

Skaters and Parents take note:   The June test session will be held at the Sports Center June 14-15.  The July test session is scheduled for July 19-20 at the Moorhead Sports Center.  Andrew will be here for both test sessions. There will be no skating on Thursday July 4th.

You will not be assigned or allowed to use a locker unless locker fees have been paid.  RRVFSC and Moorhead Parks and Recreation are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles and the lessee of the locker is responsible for any and all damages.