PSIA-AASI Eastern Division
Outside Credit Request Form

In order to receive credit for a non-PSIA-AASI event, we require an approval of the event in advance. The request must provide us with specific details of the event, its duration and provider. Eastern members may only earn credit for one 2-day non-PSIA clinic every 4 years. 
Please fill out form in entirety to be approved by the education department. Copies will be sent to the education department & member services.

The “Outside” credit policy allows members to count certain non PSIA-AASI functions for PSIA-AASI educational credit, contingent upon approval from the Eastern Director of Education and Programs, and a $50.00 administration fee. The purpose of this policy is to allow members who wish to broaden their base of experience to do so, while at the same time meeting their continuing education requirements. 

Members must seek approval prior to attending such outside functions, so we can determine if the events qualify.  

  • Both on and off-snow events will be considered.  
  • As a general guideline, an outside educational event must be at least 2 days long in order to be considered.  
  • Outside educational events may be counted for credit ONLY every other update.  
  • We will not grant credit for attendance at events in a prior season. 

The following events do not require a prior request or a $50.00 administrative fee: 
(Notify us after the event, and we will verify your attendance) 

  • Any scheduled, sanctioned event (at least two days) conducted by another PSIA-AASI region, that would count as an update credit for their members. 
  • Major PSIA-AASI events like the National Academy. 

Events that require a $50.00 administration fee, but do not require a prior request: 
(Notify us after the event; we will verify your attendance and set up an invoice for the $50 fee) 

  • Passing the highest level of certification in another country. 
  • Level 2, 3 and 4 Canadian update events 

Revised July 2022 


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