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Milton Kippah
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Ugandan Kippah

These beautiful kippot are handmade for MILTON by the Jewish Abayudaya community in Uganda. The Abayudaya have been practicing Judaism since 1919, and like other Jews around the world have faced great persecution. There are currently over 500 Jews living in villages without power or roads and with limited sources of clean water. Proceeds from the sale of these kippot will support education and medical care for the children in the community, as well as candles and communal meals on Shabbat and holidays. Show your MILTON pride and support a worthy cause at the same time! Please note: These kippot are lovingly handmade, and sizes may vary. Contact Marna Schoen with any questions or for custom design orders.

Ugandan Kippah ($25.00)
MILTON Stuffed Pandas
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