Les Azuriales Young Artist Application for 2019

We are no longer accepting applications for our auditions (to be held jointly with Scottish Opera) on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November 2018.

We may hold further auditions for participants in our 2019 programme. This is, however, by no means certain. 

Nevertheless if you still wish a chance to be considered, you can complete the form below and we will let you know in due course if we or Scottish Opera plan to hold further auditions. 

All applications must include an audio recording.  If you are unlikely to be able to attend an audition in London, this needs to be a video recording. 

Please note that to be eligible for Les Azuriales you need to be in full-time music study or have left full-time studies within the past two years. There is no age-limit.






Please list 3 arias and 3 songs that you will be able to sing from memory in the original language (at least 2 different languages).
Audition attendance *
Please provide at least one recording of you singing an aria or song (not necessarily one of the above). How do you wish to do this?
As you are unable to attend an audition in London, please provide at least one VIDEO recording of you singing an aria or song (not necessarily one of the above). Please note that you will not be considered by Scottish Opera as they can only consider singers who have had live auditions. How do you wish to do this? *

Link(s) to your recording(s) - click the + to add another link (up to 3) *


TERMS OF ENTRY for Les Azuriales (please read carefully, especially term no 3)

Please note that the information contained in this form and its attachments will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here.
You will pay for all expenses (e.g. travel) in attending any audition.

If you are selected as a participant in the Les Azuriales Young Artist Programme, the following shall apply:

1. You are responsible for all travel expenses from within Europe to Nice (France) except in exceptional circumstances. If you are travelling from further afield, you may apply for travel assistance.
2. All accommodation and meals whilst in the South of France will be provided by Les Azuriales.
3. Once selected as a participant, you are undertaking that you are free to attend the programme throughout the agreed period and that you will not accept any other engagement which will prevent you from attending Les Azuriales Young Artists Programme. You should be aware that a great deal of organisation goes into this Programme, which is tailored to the voices of those chosen as the participants.
4. Should you be invited to appear in the London Showcase Concert, which usually takes place within 8 months of the completion of the programme, Les Azuriales will pay travel expenses if you live more than 50 miles from London.
5. All finalists become Les Azuriales alumni and as such you have the right to apply for a bursary or scholarship for any activity that will make a significant difference to your career.
Acceptance *


Scottish Opera will advise you of any conditions that apply to any engagement they make with you.