BARBRI Public Interest Scholarship Application

Year after year, BARBRI supports thousands of students who seek to change the world. Last year alone, BARBRI awarded over $4.5M in scholarships to public interest students and other world-changers.

To apply for a BARBRI Public Interest scholarship while available, submit the form below by June 15. for the Summer/Fall 2020 exam or by Oct. 15 for the Feb. or Jul. 2021 exam. Qualifying, approved students will be awarded a BARBRI Bar Review course at a $1,995 scholarship tuition rate.**

  • Within 5 bus. days, you’ll receive an email to the address provided in your form submission containing approval decision and the award amount determined
  • If you already have a BARBRI Bar Review account, your scholarship tuition adjustment will be reflected. If you do not have a BARBRI Bar Review account, one will be created for you and will reflect the $1,995 scholarship tuition rate
  • To secure the scholarship tuition rate if awarded, you must accept within 30 days by logging into your account and:
    • Paying a $295 non-refundable registration fee AND
    • Committing to take the BARBRI Bar Review course

If you do not take these actions within 30 days of your scholarship issuance; the scholarship will be revoked.

By completing this application, you certify that you are: 

  1. Graduating law school in Spring 2020, Winter 2020 or Spring 2021
  2. Sitting for the bar exam in 2020 or 2021, immediately following graduation
  3. Employed or committed to be employed in the public interest sector with a salary<$75,000

If the above criteria are not met, BARBRI reserves the right to rescind the Public Interest Scholarship.

** Public Interest scholarships are not applicable to students with a third party payer or for the Ultimate Decision bar review package.  This scholarship tuition credit cannot be assigned or combined with any other payment incentives, discounts, or credits that would result in a BARBRI Bar Review tuition less than $1,995. If you have received any other gift card promotion or discounts that would result in a tuition lower than $1,995, your tuition will be adjusted to account for the previously applied gift card promotions or discounts.

When will you sit for the bar exam? *

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