Application With Ribbons We Fight Foundation

With Ribbon We Fight Foundation is looking to raise funds for direct support for cancer research working with local hospitals in NY that have cancer research programs, we would like to set up a support system for local families in NY impacted by high medical bills due to cancer and assisting in helping pay their medical bills. Mark is looking for your support to help him make this one of the best cancer charities.    

Being on a non for profit board is a serious task and individual members of the board are required to:

  • Attend all board and committee meetings and functions, such as special events
  • Stay informed about the organization's mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings
  • Serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments
  • Make a personal financial contribution to the organization
  • Inform others about the organization
  • Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization
  • Keep up-to-date on developments in the organization's field
  • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies
  • Refrain from making special requests of the staff
  • Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the organization's annual financial statements
If you would like to move forward understanding the responsibility please move to the next page to see the open positions we have available 

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