Pastoral Recommendation
To the Pastor: the individual who sent you this link is applying for admission to Encounter School of Supernatural Ministry. Serious consideration will be given to your comments. We appreciate your help in this matter and will keep any information you supply in confidence. Thank you for your assistance.
How well do you know him/her? Please select one. *
To your knowledge, has the applicant made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ? *
To what extent is the applicant engaged in the activities of your church? Please check one. *

To your knowledge does the applicant use tobacco? *
To your knowledge does the applicant drink alcohol? *
To your knowledge does the applicant use illegal drugs? *
The applicant's influence on his or her peers is: *
Please evaluate the applicant regarding the following categories. Check one. *
 ExcellentAbove AverageAverageBelow AveragePoorNo Chance to Observe
Response to Authority
Emotional Stability
Oral Expressions
Interpersonal Relations
Work Habits
Personal Appearance

Please review your recommendation. When finished, sign and submit. Thank you very much for your time! *
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