ACS World Language Workshops

Welcome to the registration page for the ACS Blended Learning Program’s project on professional development for world language and teacher education professionals. Please read the following carefully.

Once you have registered for any of the workshops, an account for the course management system SAKAI will be generated for you. The email address you supply will automatically become your username. In a subsequent email from the SAKAI system administrator, you will receive your designated password. This account will be valid for all four workshops.

On the SAKAI course management site, you will find assigned readings or viewings relevant to workshop topics.  These are to be completed either prior to or after the workshop for which you have registered. Use of a SAKAI discussion board will also be a part of these activities.

To receive full benefit from these blended learning workshops, participants should make every effort to complete their preparatory and follow-up activities.

Once your account is established, you will be able to access the SAKAI site by going to or by choosing the link on the ACS Blended Learning Program explanation page which is located at Whichever route you select will get you to exactly the same destination.  You may wish to bookmark or add to your favorites this Blended Learning SAKAI site. If you have any questions, please refer them to

The Blended Learning Team (BLT)  thanks you for registering, participating, and providing us feedback in this pilot project. We look forward to seeing you!

Select below the workshop(s) and host site location of your choice. Contact workshop host site instructors for additional information concerning location and materials. While these workshops are free of charge to you, they constitute much preparation on the parts of the presenters, coordinators, and host site instructors. If you register, please make every effort to attend. Thank you.
All workshops are scheduled to take place between 4:30 - 6:00 PM Eastern Time. 
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