Farmers' Market Application


2015 Roslindale Farmers' Market Application

Priority Deadline: March 31, 2015

Please review the following application guidelines carefully, as instructions have changed from previous years.

  1. All vendors must complete an application.
  2. Completing an application does not guarantee a vendor a space at the Roslindale Farmers’ Market. For priority consideration, your application must be submitted to RVMS no later than Sunday, March 31st. Applications received after March 31st will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified beginning April 15th as to their status at the market and on a rolling basis (up to a two week period) thereafter. Payment will be due according to the schedule indicated below, in order to secure your space for the season.
  3. Vendors may sell only what they apply to sell, so please provide complete detail all products on your application.  Growers must also provide contacts for, and identify products they will bring from a secondary grower but vendor liability extends to all produce at your stand. A detailed product list for each secondary farm must be included as well, complete with contact information.
  4. Payment must be received according to the schedule indicated below. If payment is not received by the deadline, your space will no longer be reserved.
  5. All vendors selling prepared foods must include in their application all neccesary health permits and licenses from their local health department as well as Servsafe certification and allergen awareness certification (if you have it). If you are accepted, you will be required to fill out a City of Boston Farmers Market Permit, which the Market Manager will submit, along with a $100 check made out to the City of Boston. This is a new permit and is more comprehensive than the old Inspectional Services Health Permit.


Vendor Fees

Large Farmers -- $60 for a 30 x 10ft space

Small Farmers $40 for up to a 20 x 10ft space

Food vendors -- $40 for a 10 x 10ft space

Roslindale Village Business --$30 for a $10 x 10ft space

Art, craft and other vendors -- $40 for a 10 x 10ft space

Non-profit organizations -- $40 for a 10 x 10ft space


Payment Schedule

You will be ask to indicate a payment preference on your application. Payment can be made on-line, check or money order. Checks should be made out Roslindale Village Main Street. If you indicate a preference to pay on-line, you will be e-mailed an invoice through paypal a month prior to each deadline. (You can change your preference at anytime)

  • May 1st – Deadline to receive payment for market dates: June 6th – August 29th
  • August 1st – Deadline to receive payment for  market dates: September 5th – November 21st

If you apply and are accepted after the season begins, you will be expected to make payment upon reciept of invoice for the weeks you were accepted.