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(Please read the General Advertising Information before filling out this form.)    
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Delivery of Banners:

Banner Ads should be emailed as an attachment with an email cover letter to:

Banner Ads can also be accepted via FTP transfer to one of our FTP servers.
Please request user name and password access.

"I understand that submission of this Advertising Insertion Order is affirmation that this is
special "out-the-gate" pricing requiring prepayment and that all credit card and PayPal payments
are processed upon submission. All other arrangements must be approved in advance in writing by
the Pegasus Television Network. This is an advertising contract not requiring a performance
based result (guaranteed impressions or click-throughs) and I accept that there will be no
refunds or rebates if the performance results are less than anticipated.

I also understand that I will not be charged any additional fees whatsoever in regard to
performance, traffic and/or viewing of my banner ad(s) should they exceed anticipated results.
I can request analytics of traffic and page views of the individual television market pages
on which my banners are displayed and may do so following any given month that I have
maintained a banner on"

Please read the General Advertising Information brochure for more information.

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