Detailed Documentation

Admin Items
Hide items from users filling out your form.

Calculate values based on other form items.

Custom Labels
Change the text of items for different formats.

Embedded Form
Embed your form into a page on your website.

Form Editor
Add, edit, and delete form items.

Form Items
A complete list of available form items.

Use the selected choices from an item on a previous page.

Integrations (Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, MailChimp, Server Post)
Integrate with Third-Party services.

Limit the number of responses to an item.

Look & Feel
Customize your form's style.

Mobile Optimization
Setup a form to be optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Send information each time a user submits your form.

Order Forms
Set up your form to accept orders.

Payment Integration (PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro,, Pay by Check)
Integrate your form with a payment processor to collect payment for order forms.

Incorporate a user's responses into the text of your form.

Pre-Populate Link
Populate a form with passed in values.

Share results with users outside of your account.

Results Filters
View only the results that match specified criteria.

Results PDFs
Populate PDF files with your results.

Results Views
Specify which items should be shown when viewing results.

Customize the flow of your form using a set of criteria.

Save & Return
Allow user accounts to partially complete your form and return later to finish.

Collect and view sensitive information securely.

Assign points values to items and score results.

Success Pages
Show users a custom page after a successful form submission.

Summary Table
View your results in our newly redesigned Summary Table.

Create additional login Users with limited permissions.

Relate forms in your account to one another.

FormSite API
Interact with FormSite data via external applications.