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If yes, is the garage attached or detached?
If you have a garage, how
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Do you have a home based business? If so, please specify  (e.g. accounting/dayhome/music lessons etc)
Do you have any of the following items you wish to schedule:
If yes, is it locally or centrally monitored?
Have you had any property claims in the
last 10 years? If yes, please indicate the
date (MM/YYYY) and type of claim. *
Do you have a sump pump with a backup power supply? *
Do you have a back water valve? *
Please provide the following for each named insured
If your house was built BEFORE 2000, please answer the following questions on Type of Plumbing, Wiring & Electrical Service. Otherwise, you can skip this section.
Type of Plumbing
Type of Electrical Wiring
Type of Electrical Service
How Many Amps is the electrical?
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