Thank you for your interest in presenting a topic at 
AAPNA's 8th International Ayurveda Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA on
"Ayurveda & Cancer Care"
"Best available evidence based therapies and integrative approaches to cancer care through ayurveda"

The conference is an outstanding platform for experts in the field of ayurvedic therapies in cancer care to exchange experiences and share the findings of their research work.  Unraveling the deeper aspects of ayurvedic concepts pertaining to cancer is the sole theme of the conference, and no ambiguity will be left untouched on the dais; every aspect of the disease and every explanation in the ancient texts will be examined for practical truth. The organizers invite research papers for oral presentation and posters on the following topics related to the cancer care:

- Delineation of cancer and its clinical appreciation

- Perspective of holistic approach in the care of cancer

- Panchakarma therapies in diverse cases of cancer

- Role of rasayana in the care of cancer

- Applicable lifestyle changes in cancer care

- Diet and herbs in the management of cancer

- Phytochemicals in the treatment of cancer

- Role of yoga and ayurveda in the management of cancer

- Role of emotions in cancer care

- Case studies and case series for the management of cancer care

- Clinical trials for cancer care

- Preventive care in cancer survivors

To apply, please fill out the information below, attach your photo as a JPEG image, your brief bio, an abstract, and a YouTube video clip link of your presentation.
Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.

Please submit your application and all related attachments before June 30, 2013.
Meals will be provided for registered participants only

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Organizing your presentation:

1.  Each speaker is required to strictly abide by the allotted timings.

2.  Presentations will be judged by a panel of 2 or 3 members for the Vachaspati Award (best speaker’s presentation award). Presenters are advised to adhere to the presentation time and subject, which includes 10 minutes for speaker’s introduction, Q & A, and entering and exiting the podium.

3.  The judges will enforce the time allotment. Speakers will be alerted 10 and 5 minutes before the end time. The judges will sound a bell at the end of the presentation.  Speakers are advised to make a suitable conclusion to the presentation BEFORE then. The Q & A session will be discouraged for any presenter that goes beyond the allotted time.

Criteria for the Vachaspati Award (best speaker’s presentation award)

1) Title: Is the title appropriate/relevant to the central theme of the conference?

2) Quality of Presentation: Organization of the slides, clarity of slides / videos/ demonstrations, coherence, etc.

3) Presentation delivery: Poised, clear articulation, proper volume, steady rate, eye contact and confidence, diction, not reading from the PPT, command over subject matter

4) Subject matter: Is the subject matter comprehensive, relevant, supported with adequate data and
references (from classical or authentic ayurvedic texts and/or modern scienfic research), implementable, innovative thoughts and ideas?

5) Coverage and pace: Complete coverage of entire planned presentation with adequate pace, without skipping any key points within the allotted time slot.

6) Overall presentation: Are the objectives of the presentation stated clearly at the beginning of the presentation, is the flow of the presentation logical and in proper order/sequence, and does the presentation end with a proper conclusion and recap of the topic?

7) Q & A session: Were the replies to Q & A appropriate, to the point and with relevant base/background of subject context.

8) Experiential Knowledge: Is the presenter merely relaying textual/book knowledge, or is this knowledge based upon first hand experience through their practice as an ayurvedic or integrative health practitioner?

9) Level of audience engagement: Engaging audience attention, intensity of interest and response.

10) Time Management: Completing the presentation within the allotted time slot.
* I have read the above and agree to abide by the allotted timings.
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