Immunization Program Materials Request


Currently available items for VFC providers in Colorado. All listed items are provided free of charge.

Traceable Monitoring Thermometer for refrigerator or freezer

Attention: Effective January 2015, the VFC program will no longer be providing or recalibrating VWR thermometers, as VWR digital thermometers no longer meet the CDC minimum requirement recommendations.

The CDC currently recommends continuous temperature monitoring, using data loggers. 

As of March 2015, the VFC Program will be replacing VFC supplied VWR digital thermometers with continuous temperature monitoring data loggers.

To participate in this project the VFC Program needs additional information from you. Please click on the following link to provide us with that information: 2015 Data Logger Questionaire

Please complete the online form by March 15, 2015. Until the form has been submitted you will not be scheduled for the thermometer replacement project.

Merchandise Return Label

Prepaid, return shipping labels are to be used to return Traceable Monitor Thermometer (TMT) units that are malfunctioning ONLY! This label is not to be used for the returning expired or wasted vaccine, or expired VWR thermometers.

Temperature Recording Log Sheets
Attention: Effective December 31, 2014, Temperature Recording Logs are no longer available to order through the VFC Program. New Temperature Recording Logs, either °F or °C are currenlty available to download in the Forms and Materials Section at  

Refrigerator/Freezer Tags
"Do Not Unplug"  English/Spanish, Heavy card to attach above wall plug.

Breaker Box Warning Stickers

Pink stickers to affix to breaker box, 4"x2"

VFC Stickers

Orange "dot" stickers, 1" Diameter, to be used to label VFC vaccines, 300 per roll

Anatomic Sites for Immunization Chart
8.5"x11" heavy stock chart for posting in immunization areas or exam rooms

CDC Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
The Pink Book: Course Textbook, 12th Edition Second Printing (May 2012)
ATTENTION: The 12th edition is no longer available for order through the Colorado Immunization Branch. The CDC has not published a new version. The 12th edition is still accesible in digital form at Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases - The Pink Book: Course Textbook
Once the new version is available the CIP will make them available for you to order.

Immunization Techniques - Best Practices with Infants, Children and Adults DVD 

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